Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This morning I asked for helpful guidance:
What I can do to deal with dependency and neediness?
How do I respond to taking without giving?
How do I deal with complaining without appreciation?
What can I do with lack of consideration and kindness?

First, I must remember lack of Love is a call for Love.
When someone is behaving in a way that lacks kindness, respect and appreciation, they are unaware.
They do not know any better.
In that moment their behavior is their learned habit of mind, a reaction of their fear and ignorance.
They have something to learn if and when they are willing to learn a better way.

Second, to withhold Love from anyone is our downfall and creates depression.
It causes pain; emotional, physical, financial or spiritual.
The conflict between our natural state of Love and fearful response of withholding love causes pain.
Extend Spiritual Love as trust and freedom.
I trust your journey. I free you from my limiting fears and faulty thinking.

Third, give freely and generously your considerations for the other’s predicament.
To walk in the other’s shoes is to feel and imagine their situation.
Life is a series of expected and unexpected challenges and period of respite for reflection.
Give the other the benefit of knowing they seek peace and happiness just as you do.

Fourth, teach with kindness and patience.
Give yourself time to ask what is the best way for them to learn.
How can You teach gently?
What can you do to make learning easier?
How can you respond in a way that invites, encourages and inspires?

Fifth, Remember all you give is given to yourself.
Your judgments are judging you.
Your forgiveness forgives you.
Your appreciation appreciates you.
Your love is loving you.

Sixth, Know Goodness and Love are your natural state.
How does God Love? Endlessly with no less for anyone.
How does Goodness give itself with no sacrifice or loss?
You are learning to Love with no condition, no separation and no loss,
Love fills you up.

I am loving you and all, with no end.
Betty Lue