Sunday, November 02, 2008

Quiet Mind Has No Conflict 

There is no need to argue unless one has conflicting ideas in one’s mind.
Conflicting wills indicates a state other than the Will for Good.
Whatever one chooses, dedicate it to Good and it will be so.
“God is very quiet. There is no conflict in Him.” ACIM

However you think of God, Creator and Source, know that in the All Powerful, Omnipresent, all-loving One there is no conflict.

To know the Power of Goodness in you, there will be no conflict.
To know only love in you, there will be no fear.
To know the full gift of your Presence, there will be only Peace.
In this there is the realization of God and Good in you.

In this time of apparent disparity of ideas and beliefs, philosophies and practices, there is the call for Goondess for All.
Let us join, one and all, in our focus on what is for the Good of our planet, our people, our prosperity and our Holy and united Purpose.

You see, everyone wants what is Good for their families and their communities.
Everyone wants to keep us safe and healthy and prospering.
The Good for One is the Good for All.
This is a time to unite.

Yes, before our election, let us unite in Holy Purpose.
Yes, before we stand on a political platform, let us unite for the Good of All people.
Yes, before we hold a position which divides, let us unite in what is the Will of God.
Yes, Let us hold the Vision of Unity and Peace and Well-Being for all humanity.

We may not know how or when or why or where, but we know the remembrance of Love for one another is the key to God and Goodness for All.

So be still and hold only Good in your heart.
Be Still and remember to forgive all errors.
Be still and appreciate the Goodness in everyone.
Be still and give gratitude and praise to the Source of All Creation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue