Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rights and Privileges 

We have a right to choose who will lead.
We have a right to decide how we will be governed.
We have a right to vote for the best people and policies.
We have a right to participate in our government.

Our forefathers espoused a government of the people, for the people and by the people.
Don’t be left out of this equation.
You are the people!
Make your voice heard.

Yes, Vote today.
In the future vote by mail or vote early to avoid waiting in lines.
Contact your congressmen, city council, white house and other officials when you have a need.
Share with those in charge your suggestions, preferences and voice your opinion.

Always go to the person who is primarily responsible, the one who can authorize the change.
In restaurants, when bathrooms need cleaning or rolls of toilet paper, I talk with the manager.
I choose not to complain or express negativity, but to share neutrally my suggestion or choice.
I appreciate their willingness to take the time and accept my call or ideas.

Appreciation can be written in email or letter, but may not ever reach the desk of the one in charge.
Suggestions and preferences may be received with a direct reply back to you.
This is the sign of respect of the leader and his/her willingness to listen to the will of the people.
Give credence to those who really are listening and respond with gratitude and respect.

It is a privilege to be able to voice our opinion directly to parents, bosses, government officials.
When we are given that opportunity, it is important that we encourage it for others.
We can create more listening and servant leadership with out appreciation of those who care.
Take note of those bosses, managers, politicians who truly demonstrate they are listening.

Life in the United States of America is a privilege.
We must treat this privilege and our government with respect.
Our responsibility is to respond to whatever the need, opinion or preference with kindness.
Be direct, brief and focused on what can be done, rather than complain about others mistakes.
Change your attitude from one of pessimism to hope by speaking out immediately.
Forgive quickly errors of the past and focus on gratitude for the privilege of free speech.
Speak with honesty, tolerance, open-mindedness and respect to be heard fairly.

This is the moment in our history where we choose to clean up our divisiveness, excesses, and fear-mongering.
This is the time when we all need to espouse hope and faith and generosity and kindness toward one another.
This is the time to undo with forgiveness and blessing and renew with creativity and appreciation.
This is Our Time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue