Saturday, November 01, 2008

Time for A Diet? 

Have you been blaming others too much?
Are you addicted to the TV or other media?
Do you spend too much time spending money?
Are you obsessed with the internet or stock market?
Are you consumed with worry and fear?
Do you eat too much or drink too much or use drugs too much?
Are you focused on your supplements or medications/
Have you made something God other than God and Good?

Is it time for a diet?
Is it time to break bad habits?
Is it time to break the addiction to destructive stuff?
Is it time to change bad behaviors for good ones?

In times of change, we can choose to resist and stay with what we know
OR we can get on with the program and choose to change for the better.
The more time we spend trying to figure out why and how we got here,
The more we procrastinate and make excuses for not making changes.

It is important to begin where we are.
1) Awareness: Assess what really is the problem, the issue.
2) Acknowledgment: Confess exactly what the error was.
3) Allowance: Forgive yourself and others for their mistakes.
4) Aha!: Take time to reflect and listen within for understanding.
5) Affirmation: State in positive terms your new choice for Good.
6) Acceptance: Be willing to receive the Good changes that are coming.
7) Appreciation: Be grateful that you are willing to change and Thankful what change brings!

Remember life is meant to be forgiving.
When we are willing to give ourselves the best, we release the rest with ease and joy.
It is in changing our thoughts, words and behaviors that we see all things are possible.
Life is our experimental lab where we can undo everything that is not True and Good for All.

So let’s get going.
Stop spending on meaningless stuff.
Start eating only the Good stuff.
Watch media that is inspiring.
Forgive rather than blame others quickly.
Spend time reading good books and serving others?
Fill your mind with true appreciation for the Good in your life.
Give yourself a budget plan for what to eat and drink by weighing and measuring everything.
Focus on how healthy you are and see anything you take as loving you.
Give Goodness your attention and know by doing good you receive Goodness.

Loving you in loving You,
Betty Lue