Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Truth? 

Is truth what it is or what it appears to be to the beholder?
Does truth change depending on our attitude and judgments?
So often we demand the truth from others and condemn when they lie.
And yet, we do not recognize that our mental filters determine what we perceive.

What we believe is what our mind sees.
Even researchers participate in creating the out-picturing of what they believe they will discover.
We can look at the same event and all see something different.
Our judgments, fears, desires and hopes all are literally creating the experience we have.

Perhaps the truth is that there is no truth.
Perhaps we all create the truth we are seeking to complete our sense of being “right”.
Perhaps we are participating in a grand illusion of our own making.
Perhaps it is really all made up in our unconscious beliefs, habits and learned patterns.

What we perceive is a choice and not a fact.
Did I really say that?
What we see is determined by our biases, beliefs, and choice of what we want to see.
When we look for lies, we see them or make them up when someone sees things differently.

So how will it be when we stop seeking The Truth and start listening to the diverse truths?
How can we love (trust and free) each one to learn from their own unique experience?
Are we willing to let people learn from the movie they are creating with their choices?
Can we take responsibility for the perceptions we have of right and wrong, good and evil?

Each of us highlight what we choose to see with our attitude, emotions and unconscious habits of mind.
We choose to see either the positive, negative or both.
We choose to experience healing or hurt.
We look on life as possibility or problems.

We can turn around all negatives into positives simply with a change in mind.
We can see the blessing and the gift in what others might see as disastrous and traumatic.
We can respond with love and appreciation or react with fear and condemnation.
We can encourage and empower ourselves and others or doubt and disapprove.

What we choose to perceive determines the “Truth” for us.
What we perceive is determined by our attitude and emotional reaction or response.
Thank Goodness for the creative power of the mind and the willingness to make choices.
Let’s appreciate that we have the power to choose what we highlight in our world today.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
As a child I was called “True B’Lue”