Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, We Can 

And Yes, we did.
This is a new beginning.
A new dawn in American and world history.
This is truly a demonstration of all things are possible with the Love of Good in All.

When we are dedicated to doing Good work, God’s work, we are supported and encouraged.
When we are willing to listen to the voices of those around us, we can unify all people.
When we are devoted to living the principles we know in all we do, we can celebrate success.
When we are able to create Goodness, Harmony and Love in our lives, we are empowered.

Yes, we can.
Together in Love and respect for one another, there is nothing we cannot do.
How we live in love is what we give in love.
How we treat all others with dignity and respect is how we are treated with dignity and respect.

Whatever our political philosophies or religious beliefs, we can see beyond our differences.
Whomever we support with contributions and votes, we can go beyond our affiliations.
However we have chosen to ride out this election, we can now see a new dawn of hope.
Whenever there is change, we can commit ourselves to affirm a change that works for the Good of All.

Most of you are probably enthusiastic with celebration and relief.
You can be respectful of those who linger in fear and doubt.
Some of you may be disappointed or concerned.
You can be respectful and be open-minded and supportive of change.

You know in families, businesses, organizations, communities and nations, we need to join.
No matter what our differences, petty or philosophical, we can find common goals.
No matter what our backgrounds, faiths, experiences, we can be honest and expressive.
No matter what our choices, politics, lifestyles, we can treat each other with kindness and respect.

When we come together as one nation under God, we work together.
When we join as one spiritual family , we can give our best to one another.
When we live together, we can play our part fully by committing to love and support one another.
When we elect a new president, we can fully support our leadership by praying and praising the Good.

Let us rebuild a nation of positive respect.
Let us recreate a community of affirmative prayer.
Let us renew our strength by joining for the Good of Everyone.
Let us reconfirm we are One People and One Planet for All Creation.

I thank you and respect you for the part you play in remembering to Love.
Betty Lue