Saturday, December 13, 2008

Be Natural 

When you live naturally, you have the time, energy and resources to do whatever is inspiring and good for you.

To live naturally is to live simply and economically.
To live naturally is to live with respect for the gift of life.
To live naturally is to live with appreciation and open-mindedness.
To live naturally is to live in Love expressing Joy in Being.

How would it look for you to live naturally?

Go to bed early, no later than 10PM and relax before bedtime.
Wake up naturally, usually by 6 AM. (No more alarm clocks.)
Do spiritual practice, prayer or inspirational work first thing in the morning.
Fresh air, sunshine and movement are natural ingredients for whole life health.
Make sure your day is focused on what you really want to experience.
Physical work is the best exercise, and getting out into nature.

Eat a substantial breakfast of whole grains and fruits.
Eat your biggest meal mid day between 10 and 2PM when the digestive fires are strongest.
Eat a light meal for dinner, at least 3 hours before bed time.
Eat with blessing and appreciation with no distraction so you can taste and enjoy your food.
Eat home prepared vegetables and fruits and whole grains and natural proteins.
Eat what is prepared and enjoyed in a peaceful and happy environment.
Eat only when hungry and stop when 80% full.
Share your meals with those who bring appreciation to the table.
Learn how to cook simply and well.

Keep your home and your car clean and in good condition always.
Every morning awaken with a prayer of gratitude and a focus for the day.
Tidy your home morning and evening.
Handle your mail one time throwing away what is unnecessary to read.
Pay all bills at a regular time in a sacred way with gratitude for each one.
Honor those who serve you by supporting them with your gratitude and $ contributions.
Take impeccable care of your things.
If you cannot care for and utilize what you have well, give it to someone who can.
Keep everything in good repair.
Light and heat your home so that you feel warm, secure and loved in every room.
Make sure you clear all clutter so that you can relax without seeing more work to do.
Keep your bedroom and resting space free of any reminders of exercise, bills or work.

To keep this simple:
Use everything well or share it with someone who will.
Buy what you need, not everything you want.
Eat to live, only what is truly nutritious and healthy.
Give generously to have abundant joy and fulfillment.
Treat your body with what is totally life-giving and energizing.
Feed your mind thoughts and images that are positive and inspiring.
Strengthen your Spirit by taking time each day to listen within.
Appreciate your Whole Life everyday in every way.

And I am naturally loving You,
Betty Lue