Monday, December 08, 2008

Life Is Good….. Waiting to be Gratefully Received! 

When we believe life is bad, we are vigilant for the evil and dangers.
When we believe life is difficult, we seek out hardship and struggle.
When we believe life is disease and death, we see and avoid illness and the end.
When we believe life is serious business, we find all the serious and urgent problems to busy ourselves.

Life is what we believe it to be.
What we believe becomes our reality.
Children learn from the history of their parents and elders.
We adopt the beliefs of our family and continue the heritage.

If you want life to be other than what it appears to be,
Why not let go, forgive and erase earnestly?
All that you thought, experienced and have seen can be transformed.
With the healing tool of spiritual forgiveness, we can see things differently.

Let’s let go with love.
Let’s appreciate every blessing and learn from every curse.
Let’s stop to undo what isn’t true and choose Loved instead.
Let’s make up what we really want and help it to come true.

Loving me and loving you,
Betty Lue

Life is Good.
I can’t wait until we all remember this is True.
This is my Christ mass!
A time of joy and celebration, where everything is a gift of Love!

Life is Good.
I am prepared to see it all as gift for your and me.
I am willing to set the stage when all of us are free.
I am encouraged by the hope I feel to have us all know what’s Real.

Life is Good.
When our mind is clear and our eyes are bright, we can see through darkness and night.
When we set our course and don’t delay, we can find Inner Peace along the way.
When we journey with Love inside, we know God is All and Will ever abide.

Life is Good.
With this in mind, it is Good of course we will find.
Life is Good,
So the scriptures say,when we can praise Good and God every day.

I am willing to give the reason for this season to the Love withing.
I am willing to remember I am here to always begin with Peace.
I am ready to sing out the Truth I know, to follow the Light wherever I go.
I am ready to be filled with joy, knowing life is good and the rest a decoy.

I am loving you from the bottom and top and inside of my heart.
Betty Lue