Thursday, December 04, 2008

Teach Generosity and Love by Giving 

We are all teaching our world with every action, word and thought.
Begin today by teaching Giving to young and old with your consciousness.
This year set an intention to give meaningful gifts with your consciousness.
For many years I have chosen to give all I have everyday.

What I have is not the temporal stuff.
What I have is not something that ends with fire, flood or bankruptcy.
What I have is not of this world.
It is of the Spiritual realm.

What I truly have to give is the stuff of God.
It is Love and Trust.
It is Peace and Happiness.
It is Joy and Gratitude.
It is Knowing All Is Well.

There need be no special day to shine my light.
There need be no special ones to give my love.
There need be no special purchases to give my best.
There need be no extraordinary gifts to exalt myself.

I am loving you.
I am loving all.
I am giving what is inspiring.
I am sharing the best I know.
The rest would be empty, fleeting and meaningless.

So how do I give to my little ones?
How do I care about those in my care?
I give what they want, what they need, what they can touch.
But I give the “stuff” with the Real Gift of my enduring Love.

With each one there is something more being wanted and requested.
I must listen to their words, but more to my heart to know what is the request.
I must honor not with my money, but with my Spirit what is really needed.
I much Love enough to reach beyond my judgments or beliefs.

For each of us … is truly in giving with gratitude and Joy that we find Joy and Gratitude.
It is in being received for the real Gift behind the thing given that makes the difference.
It is in the special moment of caring and sharing, sometimes just in my quiet time that I give the gift.
I Love you said with that secret smile or glance. The surprise of a hug really felt or “thank you” said with heart and meaning can change our day and sometimes our life.

Is it not time we gave real gifts of respect and appreciation?
Is it not time to give help or share something made with Love?
Is it not time to stop focusing on the thing and feel our connection?
Is it not time to share what we really have within us rather than what we earned from outside?

We can still give stuff if that is the tradition and expectation……
We can receive the stuff given to us with the joy and gratitude that emphasizes our relationship.
We can write notes of unconditional Love and full appreciation that can be savored in quiet moments.
We can certainly honor what others give to us by making them aware that they matter deeply to us.

Giving generously of the stuff that really matters teaches everyone to give what is REAL.

Really Loving You,
Betty Lue

I do not need to have met you to know you.
You live in me.
I am you, just as you are me.
And I Love you deeply.