Saturday, December 06, 2008

Waiting for the Good Times? 

Are you hopeful?
Are you encouraged?
Are you remembering?
Are you getting ready?

During these times of increasing darkness in the daylight and in the economic conditions, we can quit.
We can get depressed. We can be fearful, angry or sad.
Or we can get ready?
What does that mean?

Often when we are sitting in the middle of a mess, we feel discouraged and despairing.
However, now is the time to get ready for the Good Times to come again.
Now is the time to realize.. ”This too shall pass.” And ask yourself, “What can I do?”
When we have difficult times, we can use them to learn and grow, to heal and strengthen ourselves.

Use this time to strengthen your faith.
Use this time to simplify and learn.
Use this time to prepare and wait.
Use this time to conserve and get ready.

When we waste time and energy, we deplete our resources.
When we have neglected to appreciate what we have, we lose it or its value.
When we take good things for granted, we need the wakeup call.
When we live abundantly, we may use this time to learn to share.

Waiting for Good times is like waiting for Christmas.
As children, we learn to wait to get….get presents and candy and laughter.
As we grow, we learn to prepare for give thanks and the simply presents we make.
As adults, we learn to give all year round and know a life of giving is the richest reward.
So in these times with so many needing the essentials, let’s remember to share what we have.

In these times when life seems stressed and filled with neediness of many, let us give wisely and well.
Let’s share our meals, our money and most important our helpfulness and our hope for the future.
Let’s look for how better to utilize what we have for the benefit of all people.
Let’s ask how we can be consistent in our support for people and organizations.

You see alone, we can share one on one.
Together, we can share in bigger ways.
During these holidays, share with those who care and pass it on to others.
During these times of economic distress, stop being depressed and spread hope to one and all.
During these days when we have less light, make efficient use of your energy and give your best.
Smiles and “thanks”, small change in the bell ringer’s pot and just a little extra kindness .

Loving you in all you are and do, everywhere with everyone.

Betty Lue