Monday, December 01, 2008

We Are Making It Up! 

If indeed what we experience is made up in our unconscious, let us choose wisely and well.
If what we see comes from what we first believe, let us consciously choose our beliefs.
If we are always co-creating our lives, let us be aware of what we are visioning and fearing.
If we are willing to take responsibility, let us stay awake, forgive mistakes and choose again.

Mistakes or misperceptions are simple choosing to see with judging eyes and fearful hearts.
Right perception is seeing with forgiving eyes and loving hearts.
When we are willing to look on all things with love, appreciation and open-mindedness, we see Love and the call for Love.
Love is letting go of fear.

I take responsibility for setting up experiences that are unhealed from my/our past.
I am responsible for my feelings, including feeling hurt, afraid or upset by anything or anyone.
I can choose to forgive my momentary reaction and choose a response of kindness and respect.
I can recognize everything is either a gift of Love or a call for Love.

Now to practicalities………
When I have an experience one time, I will learn only if I can appreciate, bless and see it as Good.
When I have an experience two or more times, I must admit I am judging, avoiding, fearing or resisting.
When I have multiple experiences, it is teaching me something I have neglected to learn.
Life does not happen to us without our consent.

On a higher or soul level we are all learning to undo the false beliefs from our past history.
Human history, our parents’ stories, our own early childhood exposes us to many fear-based teachings.
We receive them and act them our on a sub or unconscious level until we finally “Get it.”
And when we forgive our limited and unconscious thinking, we see clearly how we participated.

This is a tough “Pill” to swallow for those who perceive themselves as “victims”.
However, the courageous take the plunge into believing “All things work together for Good.”
From this perspective, we begin to see there is no harm until we hold it in our thoughts.
We come to fully recognize how powerful forgiveness and Love can be to see clearly what is.

Life is a delicious opportunity to stop “shooting ourselves” and start trusting in the healing process.
Life is for giving and each experience is an opportunity to grow in responsibility and Love.
And when we give our Best, our joy and Peace and Love, we begin to see things differently.
I forgive anytime I did not claim responsibility ( an ability to respond) for all things in my life.

I am blessed by everyone and everything in my life.
I hold no grievances and therefore am free to love and trust and enjoy life to its fullest right now!

Loving you,
Betty Lue