Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What If, You Are the One? 

Is your home ready for an honored guest?
When you come home, does a sanctuary await you?
When you sit at you table are you eating nutritious foods?
Do you speak to yourself with respect and gratitude?

Are you willing to give yourself the best?
Do you polish you inner light and delight with a daily dose of laughter and joy?
Are you aware of the miracles in your life?
Do you enjoy time celebrating the goodness you feel?

Is it possible that with a shift in consciousness you might life yourself to be your best?

Often we treat ourselves and our lives as ordinary or unimportant because that was our learning.
In our family homes, churches , schools and jobs, we often are part of the masses.
We are taught to conform and blend in.
We may have been ridiculed for being different in how we dress, talk, eat and believe.
And we learned to simply conform to the patterns and behaviors of those around us.
Simply, many are encouraged to be mediocre.

To step away…on retreat, in the presence of persons who excel, encouraged to be Great….we can learn that there is honor in exalting and actualizing the gift with which we are endowed.

Notice your unique gifts.
Unwrap them.

Polish and perfect them.
Use them and share with others.

Receive appreciation from others.
Honor yourself by taking care of yourself.

Appreciate what is special and wonderful in you.
Notice, receive and appreciate what is Good and wonderful in others.

Begin to see a world of talents, resources and unlimited possibilities.
Teach others by utilizing the best in you and everyone.

Wherever we can be our Best, we raise hope, faith and consciousness of All Beings.
Whenever we can share our appreciation, respect and open-mindedness, we encourage others.
However we are called to be with Peace and Love and Joy in our hearts and minds, we serve Good in All.
Life is a choice of living in ordinary mediocrity or extraordinary excellence. We choose daily.

Loving you and me and all,
Betty Lue