Sunday, January 11, 2009


(If you want to know more about the symbology of numerology, play with Robert’s book of spiritual numerology, “Soul’s Awakening”. )


Look at all those ones!
1 is the number for innovation and initiative= new beginnings
11 = 2.
2 is the number for spiritual sensitivity= seeing and feeling what is for the highest Good.
All together they add up to 5.
5 is the number for creative freedom.

So here we are again…..
Another day for taking initiative and beginning something for the Good of All.
Another day to tune into spirit, the Goodness that already is.
Another day to be free to create what is inspiring to everyone all together.
Another day to be aware of our spiritual guidance and create Goodness for All.

What would your life be if you knew anything were possible, because it is?
What would you do and where would you go, if you knew you are provided for?
How would you live, love and give, if you knew the survival of the planet depends on it?
What would you heal and grow, if you were sure your happiness and health demands it?

You see, it really is about you and me.
We are the keepers of the Goodness in life.
We are the stewards of all sacredness and security.
We are the ones who can create the world anew.

Yes, from deep within, we can erase and redesign our minds.
We can undo what isn’t truly loving and beneficial for all humanity.
We can forgive the wounds of the past and bring peace at last.
But we can only begin from within and let the love we know begin to grow.

This may sound impractical and “airey fairy”, but it really is the Truth.
Reality is played out day by day as we imagine it.
Usually we think what we see is reality.
But then again we can change what we see, (depending on our focus), so it must be illusion.

If we seek peace, we can find it.
If we seek pain, we can encourage it.
If we seek Love, we will create it.
If we seek fear, we will embody it.

What you see when you look at the world from a historical perspective is a mixed bag of pain, problems, human error and its consequences of war, disease and suffering as well as greatness and overcoming.
What you see with forgiving sight is the potential for miracles, empowerment, achievement and humanitarian service and renewal.
Choose to look at your life and your world in a new way….from inside out and see you create on the canvas of your life.
The blessing of creative freedom already are. So go for it!
Betty Lue