Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Clean the Clutter Out of Your Life 

Letting Go is the easiest way to clean up our lives.
The major problem we have is accumulating and stagnating the flow.
When we are afraid to let go of people and things, money and judgments, we risk loss and lack.
Life is learning to let go, for abundant life is flow.

When we allow the fear of loss create an attachment to what we have, we will hurt when things change.
When we doubt that we can have something better, we tend to cling to what we have.
When we have outgrown the familiar and comfortable, we try to fit in what no longer works.
When we believe letting go will hurt more than hanging on to old pain, we try temporary pain relievers.

Growing plants may outgrow their own pots.
When we get stuck in limitation, we stop growing.
Life is mean to let go of the old and dead skin and leaves, defensive positions and beliefs.

When we cling to the familiar and comfortable, we neglect to see the value of facing the unknown.
When we identify ourselves with what we have, we fail to see ourselves as the creative beings we are.
When we attach to what protects and defends us from being vulnerable, we limit our experiences.
When we lose sight of our creative potential, we may believe we get what we have by accident.

Life is an opportunity to create anew every moment.
Life is a place of limitless options.
Life provides abundant examples of the value of simplicity.
Life gives us infinite chances to let go and choose again.

How would your life be if you only lived with what is necessary for you right now?
How would your home look if you let go of everything that you do not use at least weekly?
How will you feel when you are only responsible for the basics in life?
What would you keep if you could only keep your things in one suitcase?

Challenge yourself to let go of what you are attached to.
For the pack rats, start with one room or one closet.
Take out everything and clean thoroughly.
Then put back into the room or closet only those things you must have.
Each space must have its own identity.
Bedrooms for rest. Kitchens = nutrition. Dining rooms = eating. Closets for specific uses.
Bring into each space only that which supports what they are designed for.

To begin the new year, make letting go at the top of your list.
The way to bring freedom, joy, creativity and prosperity into your life is to let go and open up the space for new possibilities.
Blessings of peace and prosperity to us all,
Betty Lue