Saturday, January 03, 2009

Energy, Happiness and Inspiration 

If you want more energy, live in happiness.
If you want more happiness, feed what inspires you.
If you want more inspiration, choose to think, speak and act in ways that lift your spirits.

Obvious, practical and effective!
Yes, this is simple and true.
Yes, this is easy and effective to do
Yes, this is choosing to love You.

Experiential Process:

My trick is to change my mind, by changing everything I do into being energizing and happy.
I have also found there are those who enjoy doing what I don’t enjoy.
I invite people in my life to only do what they “want” to do.
I find when I encourage everyone to do what is inspiring and gives them happiness, my life is benefited.

How do I enjoy and feel fulfilled by everything I do?
I choose the timing and the method.
I make games out of what I do.
I drop others judgments of those activities.
I make everything equally valuable.
I appreciate myself for what I do.
I manage my own life and allow flow.
I let go of any pressure and see all as Good.
I affirm that my life is fun, safe and easy.
I love to “PLORK”. Life is play and work.
I have created a life of ease, effectiveness and efficiency.
I delight in finding ways to not need to effort.
I believe in no harm for anyone, including myself.
I see what I do is teaching all the universe.
I intentionally smile a lot at myself and my activities.

Blessing you with more inspiration, aliveness and joy this year,
Betty Lue

Here’s a big job, but someone has to do it :)
I sure am glad it’s me!!!!!