Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here to be Truly Helpful 

My life is enriched when I can be of service in a way that empowers, inspires, encourages and validates the worth and potential or every individual.
The meaning in life comes from giving and contributing.
The fun in life comes from making things work for the benefit of All.
The love in life comes from watching people grow in love and appreciation for one another.

I sincerely appreciate each person for their desire and application of inspirational and practical tools that grow their authenticity, integrity, confidence, trust, respect, and gratitude. You see, we are in this world together. Each one of us is making the difference for every other one. We all are part of an integrated whole. Where I do my work, I am a blessing to you and vice versa. Where we serve another, we are all served.

Let us together begin the real work in life.
Take impeccable care of ourselves holistically.
Then take care of our own home, family and friends, workplace.
And reach out to our community with service to others.
Give volunteer time and energy.
Give donations of money, food, clothing and furniture.

We know that in difficult times, people come together to support, comfort and encourage one another.
This is the time and we are the ones.
Reach out and give where it matters, where it inspires, where it is meaningful to you.
Honor yourself by giving your best all day, everyday with everyone you meet and those you think of.

Life is for giving. You are the Gift.
You will recognize your Gifts when you have given them.
You will learn to value yourself more with each act of service.
You will release fear of loneliness, lack and limitation in your giving to others.
You will feel connected and significant as a part of something greater than you.

Contribute to your self, your family, your community, your world.
Loving us all as we give to gain and create what is meant to be, a world of peace and safety and joy.

Betty Lue