Monday, January 05, 2009

Inside Out 

The world teaches to follow rules, seek approval and always maintain your image and reputation.
School and work require that we meet and excel the standards set by others.
Quality of life is often measured by what the world sees and says.
We then get caught in pleasing, meeting others’ needs and referring externally for our value.

What is backwards about all of this is that it will not be real, enduring or consistent.
What is upside down is to lead our lives based on other’s evaluation and values.
The only way to find our truth, integrity and lasting happiness and inner peace is to be true to ourselves.
We must begin within. Learn to be Self-referring, rather than externally referring.

The order of priority and attention which empowers, endures and is effective over time:
1) Take impeccable care of yourself: spiritually, mentally, emotional and physically.
2) Take impeccable care of your home and family, harmony, cleanliness and organization.
3) Take impeccable care of your worldly responsibilities in work, community and financially.
If your foundation is weak, you won’t be able to manage home, family, work and finances well.

Start by building a strong inner base of Self- care with a daily practice and routine.
Schedule and create a routine of brushing and flossing your teeth morning and night, eat three meals a day at regular times, sitting down in quiet, take a shower or bath regularly, read inspirational material, begin each day with a goal and end each day with gratitude. You know what you need to be happy and healthy, so give the best to yourself first. Live in a way that will increase your personal strength, health, happiness and fulfillment.

To tend to others’ needs before your own, will only build resentment in you and teach them to either depend on you to sacrifice and martyr for them or set them up to believe they need to sacrifice for others.
To be honest is to tend to your own basic needs first. This sets the model for others to do the same, to be responsible for taking good care of themselves and learn to not be dependent on others.

To ignore your home organization and family harmony for the sake of work teaches falsely.
It sends the message that others are more important than your own loved ones.
It gives a false impression to others that you are handling your life externally, but wouldn’t want anyone to see what happens inyour home.
I recommend that you ask yourself how you would feel about putting your personal habits, family interactions and home order on television. If you cannot easily say you would be comfortable doing this, it is time to make some changes. If you have too much to care for, let go of stuff and chores and responsibilities, until you find a balance you can manage well. Don’t take on others concerns until the basics are managed.

A person caring for oneself will eat the basic healthy foods and maintain healthy lifestyle every day.
A home well cared for and organized can be maintained with no more than 30 min./day or 3 hr./ week.
A family well loved will have a family meal at least once daily and personal positive interaction daily.
Work is simply something that we do 8-10 hrs a day. We do it to the best of our ability with gratitude.

Life becomes fun, safe and easy when we start within, knowing where and how to begin.
We can be healthy, happy and fulfilled when we are pleased with ourselves and the quality of our lives.

Loving you,
Betty Lue