Monday, January 12, 2009


With clarity, focus and direction, the most complex and cumbersome tasks become simple and easy.
I find when I work in a cluttered environment everything takes longer and seems arduous.
When I work in a clean and clear environment, everything seems fun, simple and easy.
I use every excuse to clear up and clean up unfinished business and incomplete projects.

My world is a reflection of my inner environment.
When I am at peace, I can peacefully engage in any activity.
When I am happy, I deal with difficult circumstances easily.
When I am loving myself and my life, nothing seems impossible.

Before beginning to clean up and clear up my environment I set the stage.
No distractions, no interference, and no need to confuse myself with others input.
I connect with how I will feel when the job is done and I move in that direction.
I appreciate myself as I begin and all along the way, giving credit to myself for doing the work.

Some simple guidelines:
Handle one thing at a time until complete.
Keep in mind the experience I want to achieve.
Clarify what I can do rather than what I wish I could do.
Stay focused on what flows until it is finished.
Move around obstacles and roadblocks rather than judge or blame.
Only do what I have the ease and energy to do.
Bring joy and gratitude to every task.
Find pleasure in the finished project before moving on.
Stay calm, cool and collected even when there appear to be problems.
Stop what I’m doing, look at what is the goal and listen for inner direction when confronting a problem.
Immediately forgive and undo what doesn’t work.
See satisfaction with every step along the way.
Give yourself lots of encouragement and a healthy dose of self Love and respect.
Recognize that cleaning up your life, cleans up our world.
Your gift to yourself is a gift to everyone everywhere.
Your work is a shining example of what each one on the planet can do.

Organization eases the way for inner peace and ease in life.
Learn to let go of those things which have become confusing or displeasing to you.
Say “no” to those experiences which lead to judgment, martyrdom, and discouragement.
Say “Yes” to practicing the principles of self Love, letting go and learning to be your best~

Always give your best to yourself.
And know this is your gift to everyone around you.
Loving you,
Betty Lue