Thursday, January 01, 2009

There Must Be a Better Way 

When under stress, we act inappropriately.
When we catch ourselves thinking unloving thoughts, it tells us we need to stop and choose again.
When we hear ourselves speaking with unkindness, we are reminded to stop and choose again.
When we find ourselves acting rude or disrespectful, it is our wakeup call to stop and choose again.

There is no excuse for behaving in unkind, rude or disrespectful ways.
It is our arrogance, laziness and ignorance that keeps us doing, thinking and saying negative things.
Humans get caught in making themselves righteously RIGHT, so they don’t see their arrogance.
Humans often want to be comfortable in familiar and unkind interactions, so don’t stop themselves.

It is work to right our wrongs, correct our beliefs, and change our behaviors.
It is uncomfortable to treat ourselves and others differently than what we experienced in the past.
It requires consciousness and willingness to find a better way to live and to relate.
It takes courage to step into the unknown of acknowledging we need help to stop and change.

When you find yourself hurting a loved one, you must stop and make amends immediately.
When you see you have scared someone with your intensity, stop and adjust your behavior.
When you are lazy in taking impeccable care of you, it is time to reassess and choose again.
When you are “minding others business and telling them to change, it is time to forgive yourself.

We all have more than enough to do in life to treat ourselves and others with impeccable respect.
We have a full time job being totally responsible for the quality of our lives and our relationships.
We have so much to clean in our own home and family, we really cannot clean up for others.
Our lives are our teaching tool, created by us, to learn what we need to do to perfect our Loving ways.

Your own New Year’s Workshop
There is no better time than today, January 1, 2009, to seek and find a better way to live.
Make a list of everything you think you want.
(Especially see the qualities you wish to experience in the coming year.)
Affirmation: I name this Good and I claim it for myself.
Then start cleaning up everything that may stand in your way.
Make a list of what you have learned in 2008 and appreciate.
Affirmation: I am always learning the perfect lesson at the perfect time in the perfect way.
Make a list of all those you wish to forgive and bless.
Affirmation: I forgive everyone and everything including myself.
Make a list of what you are willing to let go with gratitude.
Affirmation: Letting go sets me free to be, do and have All that is on purpose for me.

There is always a better way to Love.
Loving you,
Betty Lue