Tuesday, January 06, 2009

True Empathy 

Sympathy is often defined as feeling sorry for someone.
Sympathy does not help lift them but rather agrees with their state.
Empathy is often defined as feeling with someone.
Empathy may be taking one someone’s feelings to better understand them.

Both Sympathy and Empathy have their place and time:
1. When we want to commiserate or come together in our misery.
2. When we want to better feel and understand what another is feeling.
3. When we want to take on some of another’s pain and suffering.

True Empathy is remembering the Highest Truth about others, when they have forgotten.
True Empathy is connecting with the Spirit of Love within the other.
True Empathy is recognizing the Wholeness and Holiness in the other.
True Empathy is trusting and believing that another can forgive and choose again.

In the most spiritual and inspired sense, true empathy is empowering another to find a better way.
True empathy is giving each individual the Love =Trust + Freedom to choose their own path.
True empathy is offering to love unconditionally, serve from your heart and always remember God.
True empathy is forgiving your own doubts, fears, judgment and grievances for the situation.

When we have true empathy, we do not take on another’s pain.
When we have true empathy, we stay connected with the reality of the Highest Good.
When we have true empathy, we see beyond the body and the worldly situation.
When we have true empathy, we respect and see with eyes of forgiveness and gratitude.

Loving everyone you encounter in this way sets you free to serve from your heart, rather than respond to their neediness or seeking their approval.
Loving everyone with true empathy gives you the experience of non-attachment to their suffering so you can offer them the Highest and Best.
Loving everyone with true empathy sets others free to be loved without being needy, dependent and playing poor me or victim.
Loving everyone equally sets you free to be as peaceful, joyful and loving as you are called from within rather than shut down your light to match the world around you.

Consider the great ones, the spiritual leaders and teachers and how they responded to the humanity’s cry for help.
They saw beyond what was being asked for.
They stepped into the situation without fear for themselves.
They co-created the optimum solution.
They did what was needed to inspire everyone to believe it could be healed, transformed and changed for the better.

And so we are being called to step up to the Highest Solution now.
Let us begin within and then extend our realization outward to our world.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue