Saturday, January 10, 2009

What’s Up on Your Priority List This Year? 

1) Set a goal or intention.
Keep it simply and in experiential terms. Examples:
I want to feel loved and valued every day.
I will reclaim and maintain a lifestyle that supports feeling fantastic everyday.
I easily manage my life and my finances and always feel secure and grateful.
2) Hold the picture of how you will feel and the experience you will have.
3) Trust that you will focus on keeping your intention with yourself.
4) Erase doubts, fears, guilt, resentments and judgments with forgiveness.
5) Open to Universal and Divine support and from those around you.
6) Be grateful for all the help you get and each step of success.

From Thursday at 5 PM until Friday at 4 PM we were at the home of the “Grand 3”, while their Mom and Dad took a much appreciated two day retreat. During our time with three very active and verbal little ones, we played, cooked, cuddled and in addition took down the Christmas tree, put up two new toddler beds, and rearranged the twins bedroom, did 3 loads of wash, helped 2 yr. old get better from flu stuff, went on a safari to find their old Christmas tree, bought groceries and played memory games, plus lots of other stuff.

This is high priority for me, but so is my four groups weekly, plus Adult Sunday school and church service. Then we have all of you that I meet with each every morning when I am at my computer, connecting with now thousands, answering 10-20 emails and setting appointments. There is the creating of each class and the educational materials we use. There is the planning of future workshops and classes.
Our joining is my top priority. Conscious Relating is what I focus on. “Everything is an excuse to be in relationship.”

Relationships are the path to heal ourselves and to support one another in finding our way back to God.
Relationships are the way we stay connected and inspired and in love.
Relationships are the avenue we use to forgive where we are afraid, judging, and creating separation.
Relationships are the screen where we project the current state of our inner world.

In being together with family, friends, students and strangers, I reveal to myself what I need to heal.
When I can be happy and at peace, in a state of love in the Presence of everyone, I awaken.
In a conscious state I can be truly helpful, inspiring, education, responding with Love no matter what.
Life works when I use the experiences I have each day to keep me alive, alert and enthusiastic.

Life is Good, when we are in Love.
So Be It!
Betty Lue