Monday, February 09, 2009

Blessed As Children of God 

My Mom left this physical world, last night at 10:15PM at peace.

We are blessings to one another just as we are blessed by the Source of All Creation.
Life goes on with our blessing.
Birth and death, problems and solutions, conflict and peace, pain and comfort, sorrow and joy…
When we remember to forgive our fears and judgments, we learn to accept, trust and be grateful.

Life is truly a path of wonder, insight and expansive adventure when we learn to embrace it all.
I am truly blessed to have been shown this way of living from my birth.
And it is this path I continue to live, no matter what life brings.
For I have found the way that continues to offer Great Love and Joy and Inner Peace.

Last night my Mom exited her body, and we are blessed.
We are blessed to have learned from her and with her.
She moved out here to California six months ago to be with us.
We feel blessed and honored to be the ones to give her a safe a loving space from which to depart.

It was my parents’ belief that the body experience is temporary.
She held little attachment for things, but savored her memories of a life well lived.
She loved to create family wherever she went, demonstrating her caring about all she encountered.
Mom led a life of loving service and avid curiosity about politics, medicine, and families.

She was, is and will continue to be blessed as a Child of God, a creation of Goodness.
She was and continues to be a demonstration model of someone who loved to serve.
She would be the first to remind us that life is meant to be lived fully with enjoyment.
And she knew she would not want to linger her if she could no longer be of service to others.

We can be assured in knowing she believed in inspiration and the audacity of hope.
She believed in no fear, no grief and no guilt, so as her legacy we can celebrate her.
Every life deserves to be celebrated all the time.
Perhaps this reminder will serve us to remember to go for it.

We are here with unlimited choices, options, and opportunities.
We are here to learn and grow to heal and help, to give and receive.
We are here to express our Love and extend our Peace.
We are here to be loving reminders in our conscious service to one another.

This is our healing and holy purpose.
We realize how blessed we are when we know this is so!

Loving you and All That Is,
Betty Lue

For some, a great "letting go" moment will come with the Lunar Eclipse of February 9 at 20 Leo.
And if that's you, you'll know it—
you'll get a clear message that you're really on track as life opens doors, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of having "done it right".