Thursday, February 05, 2009

Do You Remember Who You Are? 

When our identity is based on what our past memories tell us, how can we recreate ourselves?
When we hold thoughts about the world based on history, how can we see things anew?
When our decisions are based on past experiences, how can we be realistic about what might be?
When we identify with those from our childhood, how can our self perceptions be accurate?

Perhaps forgiving everything and everyone for all time is the way to see with loving eyes.
Perhaps having amnesia and erasing the judgments, comparisons, beliefs is the way to Truth.
Perhaps the Holy Ones are willing to undo everything that is not NOW true and they see Love.
Perhaps the way to freedom is found in trusting that Love and Goodness will prevail.

When we create a future based on our past, either as avoidance or attraction, we merely redo it.
When we judge others and ourselves based on historical patterns, we merely encourage it.
When we fear what may come because of what we hold in our minds, we merely attract it.
When we hold back from expecting Good so we won’t be disappointed, we merely prevent it.

Life is a constant state of the miraculous when we do not withhold love from all things.

“Prayer makes all things new again.” Is a cross stitch sampler I made years ago.
Praise makes us see with appreciation for the Good.
Love see the Love in All That Is.
Forgiveness, an eraser filled with Love, clears away the debris of past history and fear.

And so it is, we are here, right now, doing the work to let go.
Like garbage collectors, the work is not done until there is no more garbage.
Like filters, we take the world in and purify the contents.
Like spiritual teachers, we forgive everyone and everything for all time and choose for Love.

What a job!
I have volunteered for this one.
Thank you for volunteering too.
Each one of us is playing our perfect part.

Rolling up our sleeves for all humanity and joining the team of Holy filters, I give thanks.
Betty Lue

Don’t forget about the Seminar on Conscious Relationships, this Saturday from 1:30-4PM in Pleasant Hill.
Both Robert and I will facilitate and all on Love offering basis.
Dynamic, practical and very inspirational.