Sunday, February 01, 2009


How can I know what is best for another?
I can only know that I want what is best.
How can I know what is truly best for myself?
I only know I want what is for the best for myself and all.

Somewhere in my mind, I know that I cannot know all the factors.
I know that I do not see from the highest view concerning everything, everyone and all time.
I do not know what is in my own best interests.
I do not know or understand the nature of all things.

Life is a mystery, a puzzle, a composite of numerous parts, all interacting in the greater scheme.
Life offers opportunities to choose how we respond to what occurs.
Life gives us choices to act, to forgive, to heal, to ignore, to avoid, to fear, to accept and more.
Life is a potpourri of happenings that we can judge, observe, manipulate or try to understand.

And my response to life’s happenings generates my experience.
My experience of my life builds a potential for learning and growth, healing and faith.
My experience of my life engenders the opportunity to believe when I do not judge and fear.
My experience of life can build hope and confidence or despair and suffering depending on my perception.

I have chosen joyful service as my path, so I choose to trust all things are working together for Good.
I have decided that I want to be strong in spirit, and happy in giving, so I have faith All is Well.
My decisions to believe are because there is a way I want to see and be in this physical experience.
My inner guidance system has never failed me, even thought at times I have neglected to listen.

I seek to erase fear with Love.
I seek to handle doubt with faith.
I seek to overcome sorrow with gratitude.
I seek to end suffering with hope.

Whether I am giving in prayer or practicality, I feel Love flowing through me and erasing fear.
Whether I am forgiving or affirming the Good, I remember the Higher Truth of God being Love.
Whether I am sending healing energy or being grateful for the caregivers, I feel One with Divine Will.
Whether I am sitting here writing to you or sharing with a class or congregation, I know God is here.

Divine Healing, Wisdom and Love are being shared through me and Thee at all times, as I let my mind and heart open to believe, to have faith, to trust All is Well…….and So It Is.

Loving you and I together in faith,
Betty Lue