Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Letting Go and Change 

There have been many loving responses to my Mom’s journey that have inspired me to share again.
Each one of us has a different response to letting go, to “loss”, to “death”, to change and transformation.
Robert and I are very similar in our understanding, beliefs and inner knowing.
We are truly at peace and feel deep gratitude and love for everyone’s loving kindness.

Mom was a great and simple teacher as well in this way.
She was proud of how she did not cry or “grieve” when her life partner and best friend “died.”
Yes, she missed their late night discussions and travels and friendship.
But Mom believed in no grief, no regret, no worry. “Embrace change!.”

She lived her physical life very much enjoying what was in each moment.
She was not sure at all about what leaving her body would bring and was curious.
She knew the body was just a shell and her Spirit would soar when it left.
She often referred to the Native American book, “Education of Little Tree”.

Mom was and continues to be a place of connection for both Robert and myself.
She was a partner in our work, supporting us in our healing service and volunteering.
She utilized our help and skills the last six months in finance, medical appointments and daily living.
But she maintained her own philosophy and wit and was willing to express her ideas freely.

We know she left at choice (between her and God.)
We know she was complete and at peace.
We know she would not have wanted to continue in any way dependent.
We know she is happy and with loved ones and at peace.

How do we know these things?
First, she was very satisfied with her life and wrote a little book, “It’s a Great Life!”
Second, we discussed everything, but especially spiritual matters.
She and I communicated telepathically, when I was a child and this continues, even now.

When I have a question or concern, I ask and she responds.
“Oh Betty Lue, let it go. I am fine and this is my life. Let it be.”
And I also am aware that she was not very happy with the world as it is.
And She wanted to be with my Dad and her brothers and many who had gone before.

So, as I am thinking of her, I feel her presence even more pervasive than when she was in a body.
We feel her constantly as part of us, rather than being together and apart.
She is here in us and around us.
The connection is strong and true and continuous.

Mom is, was and continue to be a Great Presence, a Holy One, and we honor her.
Hope this opens the way for easier letting go in your life.
Remember, when we have forgiven everything, we are at Peace and know only Union in Love.
Betty Lue

Thank you for your prayers of gratitude and love for us all.
Healing into Wholeness into Holiness into Union with God.

Thank you all so much for being Mom’s Healing Angels.
Marian A. Fisher, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma passed away last night at 10:15PM.
The outpouring of prayers has been wonderful and truly a tribute to Marian Fisher’s life of giving.
Her love for all of us and everyone she met has been and continues to be a profound legacy.
She was at peace and in no discomfort.
She had had a good day with several visits from family and friends.
Even on her last day there were silent laughs , twinkling eyes of recognition and love and gratitude for those who attended her.
Her wishes were honored with great sensitivity and compassion by all hospital staff. The transition was peaceful and quiet.
She loved us all and receives your Love still.
Keep on loving her and you will feel her continued love for you.

Celebration of Her Life here in California this Sunday, Feb. 15.
Family Celebration of Marian’s Life at the Annual Dickerson Family Reunion, Sat., August 8 in Michigan.