Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Is Good 

When we know that Life is Good, we seek and find the Goodness.
When we know that all Life is healing and Holy, we attract the healing and experience the Holiness.
When we know that Life can be fun, safe and ease, we freely discover Joy, with safety and ease.
Life is Good, because we seek Goodness, give Goodness, affirm Goodness and know Goodness.

Part of experiencing Good is turning away from the bad.
Part is denying the bad.
Part is redefining bad.
Part is transforming bad into Good.

What we judge, we get stuck with.
What we fear, we attract.
What we avoid, we unconsciously bring close.
What we hate, we strengthen.

When we love life, life loves us.
When we open to fully live, we have abundant Life.
When we bless All life, we feel blessed.
When we embrace and accept life, we feel safe in life.

What we give we are receiving.
What we receive we have given.
What we give and receive is translated by our level of self Love and Trust.
We experience Love when we are loving and safety when we are trusting.

Learning the ways of metaphysics requires us to use our minds to translate judgments into possibilities.
Co-Creation is the process of choosing to listen, envision and choose the highest Good.
Co-creation is letting go of the world’s (ego’s) judgments on our lives, and see the High Way.
Co-creation is inspiring, insightful and expanding our conscious choices for the Good of All.

We are responsible for what we experience.
Consciously or unconsciously we receive what we have requested to learn, to heal, to be, to experience, to express.
Life is Good.
And so are we.

The blessing already are,
Betty Lue