Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Month of Loving Relationships 

Did you know you can only try to love when you are not living and loving your whole Self?
When you are not fulfilling your passion and your purpose, you will find it impossible to fully Love?
When you are efforting to Love someone, it is because you are not naturally flowing the Love in you.
When you are withholding love from others, you will discover you are withholding Love from Your Self.

Living on purpose, love flows naturally.
Living on purpose, there is easy contentment within.
Living on purpose, life is accepted as it is.
Living on purpose, we know we can only share the peace and happiness we have within.

Whatever the upset or problem, you will find there is some area where you are living off purpose.
Whatever the judgment or fear, you will discover there is an inner conflict or confusion with perception.
What ever the issue or disagreement, you will learn there is lack of trust and respect for difference.
Whatever the disease or incompletion, you will see you are not at peace with yourself.

So what to do? (Simple exercises of self-disclosure will be helpful.)
The real reason I am upset or sick, or fearful or judging:
(Write down pages of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, imaginings until your mental computer is clear.)
You must keep asking the mind what it holds as blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.
You have no need to share all the piled up toxic material with the other.
It simply pollutes and poisons them too.
Your job then is to forgive, wash away, bring to peace everything that you have held within.
Consciously cross off everything that is untrue.
If you are still holding barriers to Love, write affirmations to erase the ugly poop and puke as your spiritual shower.

“My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly Loving and True.”
“Letting go is fun, safe and easy for me.”
“I am happy and willing to recognize and release all blocks to Love.”

So it is no surprise, if we knew what is blocking love, we would have cleared it already.
The vast majority of our blocks to love belong to someone else and some other time.
Our mental investment ( stubborn defensiveness) keeps us from even looking at setting Love free.

Living on purpose is finding the path of natural happiness and contentment and choosing thoughts, feelings, relationships and experiences to remind us to be true to our highest selves.
Life is our opportunity to keep clearing the way every day to live, love and give our very best to all.
This process of forgiving, erasing and clearing is lifetime, because the world is muddy and mass consciousness is pervasive.

Let’s get to work this month, so we can flow the Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue