Monday, February 02, 2009

Seeing Things Differently 

When we are willing to see things differently, we relinquish our need to be right.
When we are willing to see things differently, we know we do not know.
When we are willing to see things differently, we willingly let go of our fixed opinions.
When we are willing to see things differently, we stop, look and listen at what might be.

Seeing things differently requires relinquishing our judgments, opinions, and beliefs.
Seeing things differently asks that we open our mind to alternative viewpoints.
Seeing things differently invites wonder, curiosity and intuition.
Seeing thing things differently asks that we drop our position and be open.

Whenever we are afraid, we can let go and see Good.
When we are resentful, we can forgive and see the learning.
When we are confused, we can breathe and ask for clarity and Truth.
When we are criticizing, we can undo our fixed opinion and look at the other’s point of view.

Life is the grand undoing of whatever is not Loving and True.
Life is the choice to receive the love being given or respond to lack of Love with Love.
Life calls us to forgive all judgments and see with forgiving eyes.
Life is a university where we remember the Love giving is the Love received.

When we enter into a fearful, dark or dirty place, we often pick up some of the endarkenment.
We learn to clear the mud we have collected with spiritual showers or sacred practices.
We learn to let go and let God.
We learn to let all things be exactly as they are without our inter-fear-ance.

When we learn to mind our own business, weed our own garden and heal our own wounds, we begin to see everything has a Holy or healing purpose.
We notice that all things are working together for Good.
We find that the world is an experimental and practice lab for our learning what is True.

By our happy willingness to see things differently, we take the time to really look with inner eye.
We learn to listen deeply with love in our heart.
We learn to blow away the clouds of worldly confusion and illusion.
We learn that beneath the pile of poop is a pony, a gift, a reminder, a blessing, a healing.

And we are renewed in Spirit and Blessed in our Love.
Seeing what is when I think I do not know and trusting that what is real is revealed when I let go.
Betty Lue