Friday, February 06, 2009

Three Worlds We Live In 

Material - We are here in a body doing our work to be safe and secure, to belong, to achieve and to actualize our potential. Our work here is to heal and learn and grow in confidence and trust.

Spiritual - We are created by a loving source as Love here to be Love in our world. Our work here is to clear the fear and forgive the errors in our mind to shine forth the Love that is within.

Divine - In Oneness with the Divine, there are no words and no work. We simply are the Light of the World and we perceive the world as it was created, whole and perfect. All is well.

This is a simplification of what we might see within our selves if we could be in three worlds simultaneously. And yes, we all walk this apparent bridge in the time/space paradigm without our being aware that it exists in the Now. Life is safe and this world is our learning exercise, a place to practice and remember. We need not judge our place or experience at any time so that we might continue the expansion of our perception. When we judge we get stuck and linger for a moment or a lifetime to free the movie of our experience so that we might move on in the changing inner and outer landscape of our existence.

In a practical way of speaking and seeing and application, we might experience the following:

I need to work on loving myself and gaining more expertise and confidence.
I must lose 20 pounds, eat right and daily walks to be healthy.
I need to be more respectful and appreciative in my relationships.

I forgive myself for all conscious and unconscious errors and know I have only good in my heart.
I undo all my judgments of my body and know that the Love in me shines through all I do.
I erase the past and know I am Love in action at home and work and in the secret place within.

I Am One with God: I am very Holy.
I use my body as a communication device for expressing Divine Love.
My Holiness blesses my world and All that Is.

Is there a way today, you can for a moment stop judging you and your relationships with others?
Are you willing to see the perfection, the gift in all things, just as they are?
Can you imagine that you might now and always be in the right place at the right time doing the right things?
Are you aware consciously that a Good and Loving Source created you as a Good and Loving Being?
Life is a gift in which you can forget or remember the Truth about You, but You still remain as God created you.

Loving the Truth in You, as we stay awake together,
Betty Lue