Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tribute to my Mom 

As I write this, my Mom is in the intensive care “Cardio-Pulmonary Unit” at John Muir Hospital in Concord. She has come through a lengthy surgery putting plates on broken vertebra C5 and 6, suffered a stroke two days later and now is struggling with lots of wetness in her lungs. “No heroic measures” are her wish. Her Spirit is feisty and she still is very present, but her body is 87 yrs. old and not used to being in bed for now almost 12 days. So prayers for peace and comfort, ease and reassurance are what my soul is speaking in love language to her and those who serve the care of her body and psyche. Yes, it is between God and Mom now.

Her Life is not dependent on her body’s longevity.
Her Life is the Spirit which will never die.
Her Life is her Love and her legacy is the Love she has shared with us all.

While there are many personality qualities I can share that are rich with love and laughter, toughness and courage, the most abiding qualities of my mother come from her Essence, the Spiritual Being she is and will remain long after her body ceases to serve her purpose here.

Marian Fisher is was and continues to be steadfast in her choice to allow life to be what it is with no fear, no worry, no grief and no guilt. She chose a husband who was her best friend, life partner, for whom she brought nurturing and steadfast support. They totally trusted and respected one another. And lived their lives dedicated to bringing goodness and peace to the world through volunteerism locally and traveling globally as ambassadors of Good Will. Here philosophy in conceiving and raising children is:
“Children are gifts of Love from God. Parents are temporary guardians who only provide the guidelines and support needed. Children are to be giving enough responsibility that they can handle and a little more to grow into. Love is really freedom to grow, to experience and to learn. And Love is trust, always trusting in the Best outcome to all things. Her life philosophy was to leave this world knowing she loved everyone and that she left no unfinished business behind. For the last 10 years she has been giving away her things and recently when she moved in here with us in California, she only brought 10 boxes of her belongings. She really lived her truths about keeping life simple, giving your best to everyone and minding your own business. From a Michigan farm girl with 2 brothers, during the depression, she learned a deep respect for frugality, contributing your talents for the good of all and sharing what you have with others.

I am writing this tribute to invite you to give tribute to those who have gone before, to those who have nurtured, supported and taught you. Lift them up, make them shine in your memory and give them the gratitude they deserve. Too often we wait and then have regrets. Or some may hold grudges and pain, and forget to look for the gifts of essence, the deserve to give you their best. Remember Life is for giving. It is in the Gifts we give freely to one another that we discover the Real Essence of Love. It is in our gifts to one another that we are truly loving ourselves and our Creator. So make sure you give your full attention and appreciation to those you Love.

I am loving you as well and reminding you that you are Loving Reminders in your world!
Betty Lue

This is the letter I put on the wall, so her caregivers would know her Spirit, as a real person, not just a body.

MARIAN FISHER, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandmother of 13.
She is loved, prayed for and known to be courageous, feisty, deeply caring and tough.

She is 87 years, but thinks, acts like she is 20 years younger.

Her mind is sharp. She is hard of hearing. Talk loudly and directly to her, please.

Her interests are her family, politics (Obama!!), sports, playing games and puzzles.

Her body has healed from many surgeries, ankylosing spondylitis, artificial hips and knees,
but her heart is strong and she is stubborn. Her mother lived to 100+ years.

She is a lifetime volunteer in hospitals, hospice, child advocacy and league of women voters
and stays in touch with many who are in need.

Her philosophy is “No fear, no worry, no guilt, no anger.”
Please be reassuring and keep her out of pain and distress as much as possible.

While she is more spiritual than religious, she attends the Unity on the Delta church,
where her son in law and daughter are co-ministers.
She has just taken a course in spiritual healing and believes in the power of prayer and healing touch.

We thank you for loving Mom and taking the best care of her.

She always cares for others and this is her turn to receive .
She will fight to recover and use her will to overcome all obstacles to be of service.

She chose to have this surgery, and knew that it would be work to recover.
She will do her best to accommodate you, if you explain what is needed.

Thank you again and again.
Betty Lue (daughter) and Robert (son-in-law)