Sunday, March 22, 2009


Short and Sweet it is today.
We are off to dedicate our new sanctuary and sacred space for Unity on the Delta and the Center for Inspired Living.
Unity on the Delta is our Sunday Church Fellowship and Celebration!
Center for Inspired Living is our community outreach program which will offer counseling and coaching, educational and inspirational programs for families, couples, youth and children.
Our mission is to be Love in our world and we intend that we make our work visible and available.

Ask yourself what it is you are truly dedicated to.
What do you spend time and energy and money focused on every day?
Your health?
Your happiness.?
Your family’s well-being?
Looking Good?
Having money to spend?
The welfare of the nation?
The environment?
Your job achievements?
Getting ahead?
Serving Others?
The quality of your relationships?
Playing games and watching movies?
Keeping things clean and organized?
Paying bills and feeding your family?
Praying and spiritual practice?

Where you place your attention and intention, you yield results that feel good or feel shallow.
Take some time during this Spring of 2009 to look very closely at what you are planting in your consciousness the fertile fields of your Being. What you plant (seed ideas and visions, hope and dreams) with nurturing and nourishment (time, energy and attention) will grow into a rich harvest to last for the winter (later this year and in the years to come.)

Your Good Works will be supported by an Abundant Universe and Goodness that provides for the Good we do. Love what you do and you will feel Loved.
Joy energizes.
Peace creates rest and renewal.
Love inspires and bring nourishment for our soul.

Loving you,
Betty Lue