Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Freedom and Trust 

We will trust freedom when we are able and willing to be responsible.
We will trust our own freedom to choose when we are willing to be responsible for our choices.
We will trust others’ freedom to choose when we stop taking responsibility for others’ choices.
We all learn best by experiencing the natural consequences of our choices.

When we become the fixers and care-takers for others lives, we take away the opportunity to learn.
When we meddle, advise and interfere with another’s free will, we blur their ability to see for themselves.
When we nag, patronize and scrutinize what others choose to do, they often are distracted and give attention to us and not to what they are choosing and doing.
When we let go and let others learn (without doing harm to themselves or others), we love them by giving them freedom to choose and trust in the learning.

Protecting others (young and old) from the learning process comes from our own fear.
Protecting others from the natural exploration in life teaches them to be afraid.
Protecting others from life’s challenges thwarts freedom to grow and their own self trust.
Protecting others from the natural consequences of their action or non-action limits learning.

What we are called to do is remember love is freedom and trust.
Fear creates restriction and rules and suspicion, doubt and distrust.
We can forgive ourselves for being afraid for others and for ourselves.
We must realize where we have learned from all our mistakes without interference and distraction.

Life is for learning.
Life is for letting go of fear.
Life is for remembering.
Life is for freeing ourselves and others to be happy.

Let us let go where we were holding others dependent and hostage to our opinions and ideas.
Let us let go of our fear that others will be hurt unless they choose our way to do their lives.
Let us let go of judgments of what is right and what is wrong and focus on our own lives.
Let us let go and trust that we all are here to learn, the hard way or the easy way.

The more we focus on the outcomes of our actions and words without distraction, the faster we learn.
The more sensitive we become to the power of our thoughts, words and deeds, the better we choose.
The more honest we are with living our own truth impeccably, the more we can choose again easily.
The more forgiving we are of all seeming mistakes, the more we realize they all have learning value.

Bless us all for minding our own business first, last and always,
Betty Lue