Sunday, March 01, 2009

Healing is Remembering 

At the highest level healing is remembering we are whole and holy.
At the ground floor healing is being able to do what we want to do with our lives.
The way we limit ourselves is by forgetting our Source and our True Selves.
The way we remember is to forgive ourselves for forgetting.
Such is the most basic truth.

When we believe we are our body, we let the body run the show.
When we believe we are our mind, we let out mind tell us what to believe.
When we believe we are our emotions, we allow our feelings to guide our choices.
When we remember we are more than body, mind or emotions, we are free to lead with Love.

Yes, Love is our Essence, our Source, our creative Power, our Happiness and our Peace.
Love is the way we learn and grow, we heal and know the Truth of our Being.
Yes, we are here for a temporary experience of forgetting and remembering.
This is our opportunity to explore and experience the Lost shall be found and the confused will get clear.

We will all remember that we are whole, beneath the appearance of separation, dis-ease, loss and lack.
We will claim our natural inheritance which is to be the Love in which and for which we are created.
We will understand that all things change in this physical paradigm when we relinquish our fear.
We will acknowledge the simplicity and power of trust and freedom to remember our Wholeness.

So what if all the above makes no sense or causes us to feel angry or upset.
Let it go. Attach to nothing that hurts or scares you.
Let go and allow the freedom to choose to be your power.
Trust in the present power of choice in you right now.

You will notice after practicing that you can use your mind to change your focus, from fear to freedom.
You will become aware that the body obeys your commands when treated as an ignorant child.
You will see that the emotions you experience follow after your judging thoughts.
You will learn that our perceptions and experiences come from our conscious and unconscious choices.

Life teaches us to see what really is going on when we are happy (non-judging) learners.
Life offers us infinite opportunities to change our attitudes and our minds.
Life is the place where we remember what works and doesn’t work.
Life is a glorious learning laboratory, a universe-ity, where we can choose.

Emjoy the learning process.
The only grades you receive come from the judging mind.
Forgive the judgments and discouragements, anger and fear disappear.
Begin to notice with curiosity and wonder, the neutral mind.
Choose for what you really want to be your experience.
Imagine, speak and act from that place and it will be your experience.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue