Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holistic Health 

To be healthy, we must take impeccable care of our mind, body and Spirit.
Like a three legged stool, if any one of the aspects of life is neglected the whole Self is compromised.
To care for ourselves with holistic consciousness, we must honor the highest function of each element.
In a recent Sunday School class, I was given a simply model for high level Wellness.

Spiritually, in our highest state we are filled with delight, bliss and lasting Joy and contentment.
Mentally, in its highest state the mind is open and filled with Light and loving images and words.
Physically, in its highest state, the body serves and contributes, communicating Love to All.
When all aspects of the Self are functioning well, we are alive, enthusiastic and in Love with Life.

The form in which our physical service takes is guided by the mind’s vision and inner calling.
The body is in service of the mind that serves Spirit.
Where we are inspired and mentally in agreement, everything is possible.
When we are serving with joy and love, we are at peace.

No matter the apparent limitations in the physical realm of comparison,
the mind guided by the Spirit will always find what is a blessing to ourselves and others.
And so it is, we can be assured that a life of giving our best will be blessed.

We are free to serve a life of contribution and giving or a life of scarcity and withholding.
Each yields its only unique experience for better or worse.
When I find myself not feeling up to par, I merely check in with each aspect of Self to find where I have stepped away from the Highest Good. When I realign with Joy in my Spirit and Love in my mind, then the body can serve in the ways that benefit everyone, including myself.

Life is for Giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in giving your Self that you realize the Gift that You Are.

Everyone has a healing and higher Purpose.
First we are called to discover our True Nature.
Then we take impeccable care of our Authentic Self.
In this we reclaim, confidence and inner Happiness and Peace.
With attunement and integrity, we can know our Purpose and Calling.
As we encourage and support ourselves in living the Truth for us, we are whole, happy and free.

Life works.
Loving you,
Betty Lue