Thursday, March 05, 2009

How to Support Ourselves 

We are here to encourage, facilitate, inspire, support and create a better world for all.

What are those things you want to grow in our world?
Inner peace, conscious choices, Love and laughter, Respect and Responsibility, Kindness and understanding, Trust and win-win solutions, prosperity and contribution, service and volunteerism, Self awareness, esteem and confidence, Goodness and mercy, equality and justice for all, principle-centered living, abundant giving, creative expression…………..

Take your pick or add your own.
Yes, they all sound good, but you have your unique part to play.
Find what really matters to you and give it your all.
Create a mission or purpose statement with words.

Support it with all your heart and mind.
Give it your all, 24/7!
Live it. Embrace it. Envision it. Enjoy it.
Where you withhold your best contribution, that piece remains unfulfilled.

Support this piece of You (your Peace of God) with your time, energy and resources.
Make sure that all your activities everyday in some way offer support and reminders.
Do nothing that detours, delays or distracts you from your mission.
Translate all your activities into full support for what you value, appreciate and choose to fulfill.

When you support yourself, you attract support from the universe.
When you support yourself with love, trust and respect, you teach the world how to treat you.
When you support yourself with love and appreciation, you feel valued and validated.
When you support yourself with care of your finances, environment, you see you are supported.

Life follows our focus, attention and intention.
The Universe responds to our values, priorities, attitude and behavior.
God within gives us what we are willing to be open to receive.
Our lack of support comes from our lack of self supportive thoughts, words and activities.

This means we can change our experience and our life choices by changing our mind.
This means we have the power to turn around the s benefits we receive in life.
This means to fully and freely love, support and bless our lives yields a world of support and blessings.
And so, life can be fun, safe, easy and blessed by simply changing our minds.

Support myself by supporting everyone in supporting themselves well and with Love,
Betty Lue