Sunday, March 08, 2009

Make the Best of Life! 

No matter what your situation, make the best of your Life!
If you have relationship hurt and pain, make the best your life.
If you have financial crises and stress, make the best of your life.
If you have health issues and problems, make the best of your life.

Quitting is an option.
Complaining is common.
Feeling depressed or angry is normal.
Focusing on “Why me?” and “Fixing it” is usual.

While most people feel victimized and see something or someone to blame, it will not be best.
While most try to change what went wrong, it will not yield the highest outcome.
While the temptation is to feel burdened and upset, it will not be the best for you.
Life offers us challenges, changes, adventures as opportunities to wake us up to be at choice.

Choose to make the best out of everything.
Make every experience a lesson in Love.
Give the best for yourself as an example for others.
Use difficult times as blessings in disguise.

Seek the gifts in each relationship and experience.
Call forth the best in you to manage your thoughts and emotions.
Challenge yourself to always go for the win-win solution.
Exercise a positive and appreciative attitude to change your perceptions.

Forgive immediately any negativity and victimization.
Erase your need to know, understand, judge or find fault.
Release the temptation to look perfect or be right.
Surrender to the Presence and Power of Infinite Possibility in you.

During economic limitations, expand your cooking skills and enjoy what you have.
During relationship upsets, increase your forgiveness and be willing to start anew.
During health problems, welcome changing your daily living habits and appreciate your physical vehicle.
During job stresses and loss, seek what has purpose and meaning for you in all you are and do.

“Every cloud has a silver lining” simply means we need rain to grow the seeds of our inner vision.
The cycles of our lives are perfectly imperfect.
The seasons of discontent give way to inner reflection and return to what we value most.
The times of stress and distress call forth our real reason for being “to be happy and love one another.”

Make the best of each minute by loving your life and living it fully and freely,
Bless us all everyone,
Betty Lue