Saturday, March 28, 2009


I made a mistake which I can still feel in my body/mind.
Usually when we make mistakes, we feel guilty and try to fix the blame elsewhere.
I can feel that something is not right, because I keep replaying it over and over in my mind.
How I respond to the mistake I made is key to how I respond to others.

When the same thing keeps coming up on our outer screen or inner screen, it is calling for healing.
Healing is Forgiveness = Erasing it all with love and seeing the intrinsic gift or blessing underneath.
I give the whole experience to Holy Spirit, the energy of Healing and Joy, to be undone.
I release my judgments of myself, to be renewed with enthusiasm, trust and freedom.

I know when I have made a mistake because I am not at peace.
I know when I have misunderstood because I am hurting or upset.
I know when I have withheld Love because I am afraid or defensive.
I know when I have disconnected from the Joy within because I am unhappy.

When I see that I have misperceived and reacted with a lack of Love, I know there is a call for Love.
First Step is Awareness.
I am aware that something is not “right” with me.
Second Step is Acknowledgment.
I confess my imperfections and mistakes, my lack of understanding, my upset, my withhold of Love.
Third Step is Forgiveness.
I forgive myself for any place where I forgot to Love. Love me, Love others, Love All That Is.

This forgiveness process can be lengthy, because every mistake or upset is always a past similar that may have been repeated in some form many many times in a lifetime.
My work is to simply let go with Love.
Some would say, Give it to God.
Give it All to Love to be healed and revealed.

Fourth Step is Listening in the silence.
After forgiving everything and everyone, including ourselves, there is a quiet and inner peace.
It is here in the “void”, a place of openness and peace that we can here the Voice within guiding us.
Fifth Step is Affirmation.
What we affirm it for the highest Good, the will of God, responding with Love.
Sixth Step is Acceptance.
When we accept responsibility for giving Love with open-mindedness and trust, we experience Love.
Seventh Step is Appreciation.
It is here we appreciate ourselves and our willingness. We appreciate the outcome of peace and the return to Love. We appreciate our life of letting go and learning. We appreciate how awesome we can correct out mistakes without fear or reprisal to experience a renewal of Love and Joy and Peace.

In this moment I can feel how perfect it is to make mistakes in order to know who to heal ourselves and learn from all our mistakes.
Blessings to us all Perfectly Imperfect Beings with Everything Used for Our Good,
Betty Lue

A little girl and her puppy.