Saturday, March 14, 2009


We are never upset for the reason we think. ACIM lesson from “Love is Letting Go of Fear”
What if we stopped being soooo serious about all the little things in life?
What if we stop and breathe for a moment and take responsibility for finding our inner peace.
What if we stop blaming others for our upsets and start thinking: “What do I need to heal in me?”

So when someone is upset, critical and blaming with us, how do we respond?
If their upset creates a fearful or angry reaction in us, we shut down our loving and creative response.
If we are offended or take it personally, we usually just give them back what they gave to us.
If we feel hurt and afraid, we may take on another’s upset and move away withholding compassion.

When we are upset with another or a circumstance in life, it is due to a past similar experience.
There are many unhealed places, pictures and experiences in our past history and childhood.
Life presents each one to us in different forms, so we can find a better way to respond and heal.
Each upset is an opportunity to heal our fear and blame and reactivity and open the door to love.

When faced with something that seems to push our buttons, the first correction is to say “Thank You.”
We must be grateful that the old wound was revealed to be healed.
In our appreciation, we can let go of the defensive reaction of justifying, blaming or avoiding.
We can begin to see our world as a stage in which we each give ourselves opportunities to heal.

Revealing Exercise
The Real Reason, I am upset is:
Write a page or two of responses until your mind cannot make up any more reasons.
Then immediately ask the empty mind, ”What is the “Real” reason?” See what is beneath the stuff.
Go back over all the reasons you think caused the upset.
Cross each one off if you see clearly, it is not REAL.

This work is to repair the accumulation of excuses, history of misperceptions and wounds you have used to prove you have the right to be upset. The mind works to prove itself “RIGHT” and you must choose to let all that go. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

What is the most safe, fun and easy way I can release this pain?
What can I undo and return to peace and happiness?
How can I easily and quickly let go of this problem?
What is my holy and healing purpose here? Let go of Fear and return to Love!

In the end, I am responsible for everything I experience.
I can undo my fearful and painful responses.
I can let go of all that I see is dangerous, difficult and serious.
I can be whole and happy and free no matter what the world offers me.

We can as we choose.
Remember to always Love,
Betty Lue