Tuesday, March 03, 2009


We have volunteered to be here.
We volunteer to stay wherever we are.
We volunteer to have life be what it is for us.
We volunteer to learn willingly or get stuck in resistance.

If we acknowledge that we are here, let’s make it meaningful.
If we know we have chosen to be where we are, let’s make it beneficial.
If we see we change choose, change, commit and communicate, let us do Good.
Once we are no longer confused, victimized and at the effect of our live, let us be creative!

Here are some guidelines I wrote yesterday for the volunteers in our Unity Center for Inspired Living, which we have painted and move furniture into this Saturday. Grand Opening, March 22.
We are all volunteers for God and for the Good of All.

Life works when we are willing to do the work assigned to us by God.

All things work together for Good for t
hose who trust.
Everything works more exquisitely than we can plan.

Principles of Service:

Happiness: Smile and be welcoming.
Peace: Handle your own concerns through prayer, journaling, inner healing work to be fully Present.
Trust: Know there is Good and Gift and Blessing in everything, including “mistakes.
Focus: Be clear about your function and higher purpose. Minimize distraction.
Breathe: Center yourself in God and Good.
Surrender: Give the outcome to the Spirit of Joy and Peace and Love.
Visualize: Know your intended experience and outcome.

We are created to create: Goodness, Beauty and Wholeness.
Show Up. Pay Attention. Tell the High Healing Truth. Detach from the Outcome.
Let Go and Let God.

Respect… Responsibility… Cooperation. Respect
Respect your self and your area of service.
Respect those you serve and the service your render.
Respect Our spiritual family and those God sends to us.

We are responsible when we are able to respond to whatever comes our way.
We are responsible when we take impeccable care of our whole selves-mind, body and Spirit.
We are responsible when we appreciate the work we do and those we serve.
We are responsible when we cast neither guilt nor blame on anyone and always give our best.

To cooperate is to join with others with welcome and appreciation.
To cooperate is to realize all parts are of equal value with no one lesser or greater.
To cooperate is to fully communicate and participate in the greater Good.
To cooperate is to give your best with no withholds or judgments.

Acts of service blesses both giver and receiver.

Bless us all in giving the gifts we have been given.
Betty Lue

Remember: The blessings already are and we are now awakening to enjoy them.

Lila in her Princess Smile.

Harper in her Raincoat sitting in her Grandpa’s comfortable lap.

The 27 month old rock star who can over power his almost 4 yr. old twin sisters.