Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Do You Want? 

Whatever” yields whatever is floating around in the Universe.
Whatever others happen to be dishing out…..
Whatever happens, happens.
Whatever means I don’t care or am afraid of wanting what I want.

I don’t know what I want.” is saying I have forgotten how to want.
I don’t know reminds you that you don’t deserve to want.
I don’t know says you have given up on wanting.
I don’t know implies you are afraid to want what you want.

Most infants learn early to want what will make their caregivers happy.
Sometimes they learn not to want what will make their caregivers angry.
Consequently, people often want what they believe others want them to want.
In adulthood, the programming obscures any possibility of really knowing what we want.

The first step is often to affirm (written and spoken 20 x daily for 2 weeks):
It is safe to want what I really want.
I now can let go of wanting what others expect of me.
I easily see what is for my Highest Good.
I am willing to want what I want.
What is truly best for me is best for others.
Choose affirmations that you resist, because they are clearing your false beliefs and perceived limitations.

Under the pain of choosing what the world wants, is the joy of what the Good in you is calling forth.
Under the fear of being ridiculed, rejected or guilt, is the freedom of wanting your own High Way to Be.
Under the perceived limitations of the worldly myths, is the amazing life of creating the Best for you.
Under the illusion of restriction and distrust, is the Love that sets you free to fully Be.

On this full moon day, and the coming of Spring, how about going for it?
Begin to take steps to choose the way that only you can fulfill.
Begin to let go of the need to please others endlessly with their limited perception of you.
Begin to undo what is not true about the limited, lacking and little being you thought you were.

Now it the time to be free of the shackles that have bound you to ordinary and conforming living.
You can take one small step…even a few hours a week to try on your wings and truly BE.

Loving you in your natural state of Love and Joy and Trust.
Be Free.
Betty Lue