Friday, March 06, 2009

What Is Life? 

**Feng Shui Workshop tomorrow has been postponed due to moving into a new Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood.
You can expect more wonderful offerings in Brentwood, as well as all programs will continue in Pleasant Hill Center for Conscious Living.

What Is Life?
What Is Your Life?

Look around you.
See what is there.

Are you blessed?
Are you a blessing?

Do you want for anything?
Are you needing something?

Have you given yourself the basics?
Are you really loving and caring for You?

Do you hang on to the meaningless and the dying?
Do you cherish the old and fear the new?

Can you believe there is always something better coming your way?
Are you willing to give your best to everyone in all circumstances?

Do you see life as a gift and enjoy its offerings as you unwrap the miracles of love?
Do you forgive any judgment of the discarded wrapping paper and search for the blessings?

Are you willing to expect Goodness, Happiness and Love because you give only Goodness and Love?
Are you grateful for what you know it to come, because you realize appreciate generates abundance?

Life asks only that we choose with consciousness and receive with appreciation.
How fun, safe and easy can it be when we live with love and gratitude endlessly?

Enjoying the Son shining in you and me everyday,
Betty Lue