Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What To Support? 

Life offers opportunities to choose what supports us.
We can turn away from those things and people that weaken or limit us.
We can choose to stay with what doesn’t work in order to “fix” or “change” it.
Or we can easily and with blessings step aside and choose that which works and sustains us.

Free Will and conscious choice are the gifts of everyday life.
We must be awake to be selective.
We must be conscious to notice what works for us.
We must be willing to let go of what distracts or no longer serves our well-being.

To pay attention, with negative or positive energy, will feed and strengthen.
To ignore, step way, forgive and undo, will dissolve that which you no longer value.
Behavior modification with children, adults and life itself teaches us to reward what you want.
Ignore and turn away from what you want to extinguish or undo.

Judging, fearing, avoiding and resisting are forms of attention.
We must forgive, erase, release what we are relinquishing.
Simply turn from the past, and look to the future.
Turn away from the shadow and look toward the sun. (the Light!).

Life offers us choices:
Do we cling to the familiar simply because it is comfortable?
Do we detach with our blessing and choose for the unknown?
Do we let go of what no longer serves and supports?
Do we seek and feed what heals, grows and inspires us?

Support what inspires you.
Support what gives you inner peace.
Support what makes you laugh and enjoy.
Support what you value and appreciate.

Some Guidance I received in quiet this morning:
Keep on going. Your inner light and life do not fail you. You keep the promise for which you came.
Slow down periodically and listen to the peace. Nothing to do. So do what brings you peace and joy. Stay busy and active only because your enjoy it.

Love God and Goodness with all your heart, mind and soul and there will be no leakage of other than Good. Sing out in praise and notice it grows before you eyes, as it is prospered in your heart.
Enjoy the blessings of life fully and there will be no thought of curse.

When you forget to close the door, whatever lies outside will come in. So be vigilant only for God and Good. Safe, fun and easy, (Love Joy and Peace)—This is the Healing and Holy Truth.
Amen and blessed be.
You can be at peace, for God is with you always in the stillness and in the flow of life.

I am loving and supporting the Truth in You, the Place of Love and Joy and Peace,
Betty Lue