Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool’s Day 

NO joke. You really are responsible for the quality of your life.
Your relationships, your finances, your emotions, your memories, your stories, even your health.
When you feel like you are besieged or bogged down with yucky stuff, get out the shovel.
The healing and clearing is all up to You.

There are layers of healing. It began with an experience and/or decision we made usually very early in life. Often we merely took on the beliefs, fears and experiences of those who were caring for us.
In our attempt to love and be secure we adopted what they believed and felt and lived.
The healing is to clear our selves of other’s stuff, forgive and choose again what is best for us.
The healing is to stop blaming anyone and clean out our own stall.

Life offers us lots of fodder and fuel to ingest, digest and release what is left.
Some believe we need to eat and buy into whatever is offered and then be fed the same stuff of those around us. Some become picky and selective and attempt to choose what works for us, even though the world may seem to make us wrong and set us apart. What we believe and choose to live based on life experiences is our stuff to heal and transform into what works for us.

What if we happily become responsible for whatever our lives show us?
What if we remember we can choose to change and rearrange the furniture and the future at any time.? What if we can almost immediately extract the gifts and blessings present in everything?
What if simply with a little willingness and an open mind we can choose to see it all differently?
What if a change in perception will alter our experience forever?
What if there is no harm unless we choose to victimize ourselves and take on the wound as real?
What if we can easily release all negativity simply with a breath of forgiveness and renewal of Spirit?
What if our process in life is to learn to let go quickly and easily of all that seems not Good for us?
What if we can have the life we want, because we already do have the life we believe?
What if we can change our minds, our vision, our words and our actions and change everything?
What if this is really our laboratory, our canvas on which we can experiment with the power of creation?

April fools Day can be about be fooled or feeling foolish.
It can also be our awakening to what we have chosen to allow to “fool” us.
Maybe today is the day we wake up and choose again to see what is and take response-abiliy.
Maybe today we can simply respond with forgiveness and Love when we want to do a makeover, and respond with appreciation and Love when we want it all to be our never-ending story.

I am loving you and me in all I think and say and do,
Betty Lue