Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Work and Rest, Play and Creativity, we need them all.
Where we are not balancing our lives, we lack joy and success.
Ideas and Vision = Creativity
Direction and Accomplishment = Work
Enjoyment and Pleasure = Play
Relaxation and Renewal = Rest
Where we deny ourselves time and energy in each phase of life, we feel fulfilled, energized and happy.
Where we neglect aspects of abundant living, we feel lacking, discouraged and unfulfilled.

In relationship with our environment, we need balance of light and dark, inside and out in nature.
In relationship with our family and loved ones, we need balance and harmony
In relationship to our body, we need balance in diet, in movement, in self-care.
In relationship to our life, we need a balance of attention and intention.

Inner harmony and peace comes from fulfilling the natural call for balance in all things.
What makes life interesting is the variety of sights, sounds, shapes, rhythms and fragrances.
When we get stuck, we tend to become forgetful and unconscious, blind to the subtleties.
When we are attached to one way to be or one function to hold, we lose perspective and right action.

As I plan my week, I can choose what is being called forth and give it attention.
As I shift my focus within my environment I can notice what needs my time and energy.
As I respond to those with whom I relate, I can feel where there is a need for change in tone and attitude.
As I take impeccable care of my own life, I can give myself what seems to be missing.

Life is an every changing kaleidoscope of energies, inviting my constant choice.
It is up to me to rebalance according to the circumstances of the moment.
When I am lazy, forgetful or ignorant, I fall into the pain and problems of imbalance.
When I expect others and my world to change for me, I deny I am one piece of a greater whole.

Clearly the work in life is to be aware, to wake up to where I am, and with whom I am relating.
When I am conscious of what the current energies are, I can rebalance my position.
When I am interested and caring for others around me, I can choose what role is mine to play.
When I am free and trusting, I know the Love within me will respond with what is needed for harmony.

Loving me in remembering always and only to find the path to Love with patience and acceptance,
Betty Lue

"Whatever you are giving your attention to activates the same vibration in you.
It becomes your point of attraction; it becomes your point of allowing.
It might be a good idea for you to decide what you want to make active within your vibration." Abraham-Hicks