Monday, June 01, 2009

Do What You Can Do 

When physical stuff limits you, do what you can.
When in pain, honor what you can do without stress.
When aging or ill, do what you can do to care for you.
When simply being tired, do what you can do with ease.

When mental abilities seem limited, do what you can do simply.
When you forget things, enjoy remembering what you do.
When you find yourself mentally challenged, do what you can with relaxation, lists and help.
When you are confused or conflicted, do what you can do to find peace and clarity.

When financial hardships confront you, do what you can do with what you have.
When money matters limit your ability to live your dream, dream of enjoying what you have.
When the economy changes how you live, live with simplicity and gratitude.
When bankruptcy, foreclosure and unpaid bills loom over you, find peace in living with less.

This life was never about doing more, knowing more or having more.
Life is about enjoying what we do, trusting in what we know and appreciating what we have.
Just do what you can and appreciate it.
Just do the best you can with what you have physically and mentally and financially.

Don’t play the victim anymore.
Don’t judge yourself or others.
Don’t try to figure out or fix what went wrong.
Ask what you can do and then do what you can.

Happiness comes when we stop judging ourselves and others.
Happiness comes from accepting what is.
Happiness comes when we truly appreciate and enjoy life.
Happiness comes when we stop comparing ourselves with anyone or anything

Inner peace comes from acceptance.
Lasting happiness comes for not judging.
Perfect trust comes from not doubting.
Lasting Love comes fro remembering you are not alone.

When we remember simple wisdom and higher Truth,
We are peaceful and happy.
We are trusting and in Love.
So let’s remember together.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue