Saturday, June 06, 2009

Following or Leading? 

Who are you following?
Where are they going?
Do you admire their life?
Do you trust them more than yourself?

Who are you leading?
Where are you going?
Do you respect your life choices?
Do you trust yourself to lead others?

Do you want to be a winner?
Are you trying to be better than others?
Are your thoughts, words and actions comparative?
Are you accepting each person’s journey as their own?

Is it possible that we think loving one another is about being the same?
Is it true we have accepted others more when they live like we do?
Can we accept that conformity is our way of avoiding criticism and rejection?
When will be willing to trust our counsel and advice is always for ourselves?

Big sisters and brothers, parents, well-meaning friends and our need to please all invite dependency.
Self-doubt, comparison, need for approval and self-criticism encourage asking others for opinions.
Taking time to trust ourselves, listen within and then follow our own inner guidance is key to maturity.
Forgiving ourselves for seeming past mistakes and believing life is for learning, invites self trust.

To free ourselves to simply “go for it.” is central to fulfillment and joy.
Telling ourselves to listen to our heart and “Just do it!” inspires self confidence and freedom.
Being willing to make mistakes simply to learn and grow in trust and freedom.
Letting go of the need to get approval and belong frees us to live our own life purpose.

Life is an adventure for those who listen within.
Life is a joy for those who forgive all criticism.
Life is healing for those for are kind to themselves.
Life is a blessing for those who are willing to bless.

Enjoying the goodness in life,
Betty Lue

You had to be there to truly appreciate this parade around the block!! For right now Harper (4 yrs) wants to win.
Beckett (2)wants to be doing everything his sisters do.
Lila (4) just wants everyone to be happy.