Friday, June 05, 2009

Harmony Within 

When we live in harmony, life is successful.
When we experience disharmony, we can undo and choose again.

When we have harmony within, our life is integrated and holy.
When we are in harmony with all aspects of ourselves we know inner contentment.
When we doubt, discredit and deny ourselves, our life is distracted, disjointed and vulnerable.
When we judge our choices and our experiences, we create disharmony in our own lives.

When we love, honor and respect ourselves, we strengthen inner peace and well-being.
When we love, honor and respect others, we strengthen intimacy and support our relationships.
When we please others to get their approval and judge others when we don’t, we create separation.
When we give others our best and extend forgiveness and kindness at all times, we find peace.

Harmony creates success because there is joining and flow.
Disharmony begets failure and lack, because there is separation and blockage.
Harmony is choosing for what works to kindle feelings of well-being, openness and gratitude.
Disharmony is choosing to react with negative feelings, self-made opinions and condemnation.

Practical applications for harmony:
If a family member is withdrawn, cautious and shy, respond with openness, easy contact and welcoming.
If you are feeling out of sorts, take time to create peace with writing, movement, nature, self-care.
If you have an angry aggressive encounter with someone, breathe, soften your heart, listen openly.
If your mate is having a “bad” day, listen intuitively or ask, “Can I do anything to be helpful?”

Energies can be masculine, direct, powerful, productive and assertive.
Energies can feminine, subtle, yielding, receptive and passive.
Where there is a balance of energies working together for the harmony of the whole, there is success.
Where we individually are in a state of imbalance or righteous about being “right”, energy gets stuck.

Flowing energy yields health.
Stagnant energy yields dis-ease (lack of Peace).
Where energy flows in relationships, all things can be used for Good.
Where energy flows within our Being, we find health, happiness and inner fulfillment.

Seek harmony within.
Share it with all Beings.
Know your Light blesses all.

And so it is.
Betty Lue

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Photos from Unity service 5/31/09 - Enjoy!
Rev. Robert
Two happy Revs.

Yes, we love , respect and appreciate each other more every day.

Our happy musicians and singers.

Our altar table With Joe Kick’s painting, tibetan prayer wheel, crystal wand and Luinda’s floral arrangement.
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Joe’s painting and Rev. Robert’s crosstitch.