Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Do It! 

100% commitment yields 100% result.
When you want something enough, you will not quit.
When it really matters to you, you will persist.
When you stop worrying and doubting, you will succeed.

Worry contracts flow and depletes energy.
Doubting sabotages the best laid plans.
Fear shuts down love in your heart.
Judgment leaves you never quite good enough.

When we are schooled in the world, we learn to judge.
When we listen to the learned mind, we will compare.
When we try to be the best, we experience limitations.
When we focus on what is missing, we increase our lack.

If you conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.
So envision what you want to experience.
No, not the thing or person, not the form,
But feel the experience you want to have.

Peace and ease and trust…….
Lasting happiness, ecstasy, gratitude……
Perfect Love with no fear no doubt, no insecurity…
Confidence, inner strength and higher power guiding your life.

Or perhaps friendship, easy teamwork, harmonious partnership..
A life of service, caring and inspiring, loving others well…
Contribution, philanthropy, freely and joyously giving all….
Creativity and Beauty, planting and growing Goodness in the world.

Whatever is envisioned, Begin to conscientiously eliminate what interferes.
And use the time, money and energy to increase what supports and sustains the vision.
Forgive the habits of worry, doubt, fear and comparison.
Appreciate the focus, inner direction and joy you feel when living your dream.

When the world or your home or workplace is filled with happy campers, life is good for all.
When we bring our own satisfaction and appreciation to others, they are inspired and blossom.
When we live what is in our hearts with a fullness of Spirit, we are provided with all things needed.
When we give our All to be our All, we receive the gifts of All who are awake and willing.

Loving you and me, as we step forward with confidence and conviction and
Betty Lue