Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Beginnings 

Every birth is a new beginning.
Every day is a new beginning.
Every breath is a new beginning.
Every choice is a new beginning.

When we attach the past to the present, we are delivering the new with the old attached.
Love is the opportunity to being again.
Love is the choice to trust in what is new.
Love is the place we are free to be without attachments.

When we “for give”, we return to love.
When we “forgive” we erase the past.
When we “forgive” be experience a new beginning.
When we “give for” the sake of love, we are free and trusting in new beginnings.

Life is meant to be an ever renewing creation.
As we learn to refresh and renew by releasing the old files in memory, we can create what is new.
New Beginnings can only happen when we forgive the old “used to be”.
Ask yourself if you are attached to what was, because it was familiar, comfortable and manageable.

Often we resist starting over, because we fear erasing the good from our memory.
Sometimes we resist beginning again because we believe we won’t make better choices.
And many stick with the same old program, because they are too lazy to choose and change.
Yet, new beginnings give you the opportunity to choose again for what you really want.

Consider the freedom you have to choose again.
Trust your ability to make better choices.
Explore the creative potential within you to create what is best.
Bless the past for giving you the tools and courage to choose a new beginning.

Each day in every way, we are better and better, and more capable to choose wisely.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue

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