Monday, June 29, 2009

Practical Spirituality 

What is this concept that I teach and repeat?
What are these Loving Reminders?
What is it that can make life fun, safe and easy?
How can we find a better way to live?

“Practical spirituality” is the practice of inspired living.
Practical spirituality is living with joy everyday.
Practical spirituality is how to live, love and give your message to your world.
Practical spirituality is learning to let go of negative thoughts, words and activities.

“Practical” means useable, effective and reasonable.
“Spirituality” means everything that is good, healthy, inspiring and loving.
It refers to coming from Spirit within, those ideas that inspire and uplift your spirit.
When we engage in practical spirituality we incorporate into our daily lives what brings happiness and fulfillment, comfort and inner peace.

Here are some practical tips for living and inspired Life!!!

Breathe in the beauty that you see around you.
Let it fill you up with gladness.

Take some time each day to really appreciate yourself and the life you have created.
Even a few minutes of reminding yourself how very good your life is gives great satisfaction.

Forgive all mistakes quickly-yours, others and your world.
Dwelling on the wrong-doings or injustices you see strengthens it and weakens you.

Respect everyone by giving others your blessings and encouragement.
When you give others what you want to receive, you are uplifted and open to receive only good.

Clean up after yourself and as you go through life.
Apologize, make amends, acknowledge error and ignorance and begin again with enthusiasm.

Remember, mistakes are learning opportunities, not measures of our worth or intelligence.
When we judge mistakes, they stick to us. When we forgive mistakes, we free ourselves to learn.

Life is good to us and for us, when we are willing to see it as Good.
The blessings and gifts, the value and enjoyment comes to those who erase negative judgments.

Loving us all into a practice of inspired and spiritual living.
Betty Lue